About Joharah

Joharah was raised in a military family and consequently has traveled the world. This transient upbringing has allowed her to meet and learn about many peoples and cultures. After graduating from college, with a degree in Finance, Joharah opted for a career in sales, selling lines from corporate art to gifts and fashion. Her passion for fashion coupled with her international ties and her affinity for the Arabic culture led her to start what has always been her calling, Joharah International.


Joharah's designs have been seen on MTV, Telemundo TV, the Style Channel, Rosie O'Donnell, the Home & Garden Channel, the Latin Grammy Awards and So You Think You Can Dance, as well as in Self, Habibi and Ocean Drive magazines. While Joharah is already established in costuming, housewares and gifts, her latest endeavor is a boutique clubwear line for those "one of kind" nights out. She is thrilled to add three additional countries in the Middle East that she is importing from.


Team Joharah







Joharah & the Arabian Culture

Over the years, Joharah has studied diligently to be proficient in the Arabic language. She insists on equally learning dialects from all Mideast regions (Masri, Lebnani and Khaleeji). She is fascinated with the angles, arches, mosaics and designs of Arabic architecture and decor and adores el Mazzeeka, el-Ghena, wel-raks.


From Mansoora Egypt, to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, to Muscat Oman, to Bahrain, to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, Joharah has traveled the Middle-East extensively. From sitting covered in a tent in a remote Bedouin village at the outskirts of the Gulf of Arabia, to the annual event of a gulf prince, every facet of her travels is reflected in her designs. Joharah is passionate about handpicking her own fabrics, and will insist on quality, which she considers the essence of her company. The wild camels of the Gulf are not shy about meeting Joharah.